Mentor Resources


Smith Mentoring Program:

For Emergencies call 911

Slug Support

Slug Support is available to help with a broad range of emergency student needs including food, medical referrals, housing, counseling, and much more. They are prepared to respond to emergency situations. Start by going to their site which includes a good short list of contacts:

Call or email 459-4446,

Sexual Harassment 

For issues of sexual harassment, please review the following site:

This office not only investigates reports of harassment and assault; it also can assist with practical strategies for supporting a student and immediate interim safety and support measures such as no contact directives, referrals to confidential support services, and academic accommodations, as well as other support a student may need as a consequence of sexual harassment or assault.

Need Requests

Remember that our students are very generous and often more than willing to help each other. Certain needs (help with moving or storage, for example) can often be met by posting a request for help on the Smith Society private group Facebook page.